Christmas Virtual Concert

Due to current circumstances we were unable to have a Christmas concert or show as we have done previously. Instead we have created a Makaton Christmas concert. We hope you can enjoy singing together alongside the children at home to spread some much needed Christmas cheer. 


Firstly we have Nursery and Primary 1 performing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.



What a fantastic performance from Nursery and Primary 1! Well done everyone! 


Next we have a performance of Santa Clause is coming to town, performed by Primary 2 and Primary 3. 



Fantastic work from Primary 2 and Primary 3! We hope you are enjoying the concert so far! Next we have a performance from Primary 4 and Primary 5 where they are encouraging you to Rock around the Christmas tree! Please dance and sing along with them. 



Well done everyone in Primary 4 and 5! Next we have Primary 6 and Primary 7 performing Jingle Bell Rock. 



Thank you Primary 6 and 7! We are now going to our final video- ELF performing We wish you a merry Christmas! Tomorrow we will also be sending some videos of some talented performers from our school performing some popular Christmas music. We hope you a safe holiday together and we will see you in 2021! Take care!