Our Team - the people who make the magic happen!



Ms Suz McKenzie)

Depute Headteacher

Mr Adam Stewart

Mrs Hannah Wallace

Teaching Staff

P1 – Mrs Smith

P1 – Mrs Wood

P2 – Miss Hodgson

P2 - Mrs Stephens

P3 – Miss McLellan

P3 – Miss Barnes

P4 – Miss Stark / Mrs Gough

P4 – Mrs Thomas / Mrs Bain

P5 - Mr Soutar

P5 – Mrs Morgan

P6 – Miss Downie

P6 – Miss Green

P7 – Miss Ainslie

P7 – Mr Bee

Learning Support – Ms Aitken

RCCT – Mrs Head / Mrs Morrison


Intensive Support Provision

Principal Teacher - Mrs Copland

Class Teacher - Alison Ritchie

Early Childhood Practitioner – Jackie Hird

Pupil Support Assistant – Kirsty Wilkie

Pupil Support Assistant – Katrina Pipieras

Pupil Support Assistant – Margaret Wilson

Pupil Support Assistant – Laurie Neil




Mrs Tye

Mrs Cargill

Mr Ewens-Nicoll



Mr Hopkins

Mr Noonan


Specialist Teachers

PE – Mrs McGregor


Pupil Support Assistants

Mrs Welsh

Mrs DuPon

Mrs Cargill

Mrs MacAulay

Mrs Galbraith

Mrs Kaylor

Mrs Alexander

Mrs DeVega


Pupil Support Workers

Mrs Bremner

Mrs Wilson


Breakfast Club

Mrs Welsh



Mrs Margaret Gough


Senior Early Childhood Practitioners

Miss Joanne Simpson

Mrs Bridget Thomson


Early Childhood Practitioners

Mrs Jackie Buchanan

Mrs Megan Brown

Mrs Susan Saunders

Mrs Kirsty Macdonald

Mrs Gina Thomson

Miss Emma McAllister

Mrs Alicja Szczecinski

Mrs Francesca Green

Mrs Fiona du Pon

Mrs Emma Rodger

Early Years Support Teacher – Ms Nicky McPherson

Pupil Support Assistant -- Mrs MacDonald

Nursery Auxiliary – Ms Natalie Ottolini 


Nursery Play Assistants

Miss Yasmin Garland


Throughout the year we also have Early Education and Childcare students from Perth College attached to the nursery. Their names, along with the visitors to the nursery, will be posted on the parents’ information notice board.