Severe Weather Arrangements

20 November 2014

Dear Parent / Carer




In anticipation of bad weather this winter and the possibility of an emergency closure the following guidelines will apply.  Please note this is something we will always try to avoid because of the problems it creates for pupils, and even more so for families.  Only serious concern for the health and safety of pupils and staff will make us consider an emergency closure.


The following guidelines should be helpful to you in severe weather conditions.


If heavy snow during the day begins to affect roads and traffic this is only an emergency situation for pupils and staff who have to travel a distance.  Families who live within walking distance of the school will not normally have a serious problem.  In this situation we take the advice of our bus and taxi operators, the police and up-to-date weather reports and if necessary will arrange for pupils in outlying areas to be taken home early and for staff who travel a distance then to be released.  Local pupils may have to be sent home at a later stage.


Since we cannot normally give advance warning of an early closure it will be sensible if families have plans worked out to deal with this situation.  We always tell pupils to stay in school if they do not have a safe house to go to, but this is not an ideal situation for any length of time. We will inform parents/carers of any early closures via our text alert system or by telephone, therefore, can you please ensure emergency contact numbers are current and inform the school immediately should they change.  We will also inform local radio stations who will broadcast information of any early closure.


Please remember that we will never question a parent’s own judgement on a question of a child’s safety.  Conditions in Crieff can be quite different from those in the surrounding countryside and parents who therefore decide to pick up children early will have our full co-operation even if the school is staying open.  Information and advice from parents out in the countryside can be very helpful to us in making our own decisions.


If snowy weather sets in overnight we again get the best information we can and if possible arrange for advice to be broadcast on Radio Tay before people begin their journeys.  Sometimes our bus or taxi operators will make their own decisions not to operate the service because they are worried about the safety of the journey to or from school.  Our experience is that they do not take such a decision lightly, and parents who then make their own arrangements to get children to school should have a fall-back plan in case conditions worsen and transport is not available to get them home.  Again, we will not question a parent’s own judgement about the safety of the journey.


The advice given here is based on our own experience and also on guidelines supplied by the Education Department. The Education Authority has made arrangements to give parents and pupils information about school closures and these are given below. The direct link for closure is:-


The Perth & Kinross Customer Service Centre can also provide information and the opening times are listed below. It is important to note that Radio Tay and the Perth & Kinross Customer Service Centre will be used in all instances and that these should be the main sources of information.


Any parents who have questions about any of the points covered here should feel free to contact me for further advice.


Yours faithfully




Annette Beaton



Contact Information for Parents


Contact Details

When Used

Other Comments


Not applicable

All Instances

Frequency AM 1584  and 1161  



Not applicable

All Instances

FM 96.4  and 102.8


PKC Customer Service Centre – Number for Parents

0845 3011100 (calls charged at local rate) or

01738 475000 (main Council line)

All Instances

Available from 08:00hours to 18:00hours however this line may operate from07:00 hours in exceptional circumstances. 

PKC website


All Instances

Parents/Carers can find closure updates on the Perth and Kinross Council website by logging onto and go into the link ‘Information for you’ listed at the bottom of the page, and then into the link ‘school closures’. 

PKC Twitter and Facebook

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Radio Heartland

Not applicable

Widespread conditions

FM 97.5, 106.6

Used if schools closed are within an area known not to receive Radio Tay signal

Radio Central

Not applicable

Widespread conditions

FM 103.1

Used if schools closed are within an area known not to receive Radio Tay signal