Essential Info


Crieff Primary School                

Broich Road                            


PH7 3SE                              

Contact Information

Tel: 01764 657888



Facebook: Crieff Primary School Learning Community                        

Twitter: @CrieffPrimary

 If you need to contact the Nursery after 3.15pm then please can you phone the following number: 01764 657896

General Information

Morning Sessions:  8.45am till 11.57am

Afternoon Sessions: 12.36pm till 3.48pm

Extended Day Sessions: 8.45am till 3.09pm

Full Time Places: 8.45am till 3.48pm

Strong Start 2 places are available. (5 places available should a family meet the criteria laid out on )

If your child has been allocated a space in either our morning, afternoon or all day sessions which take place each day from Monday to Friday during term time we allow for a more flexible arrival and departure from nursery. We allow a window of 15 minutes at the beginning of a session and before the end of a session to pick up your child. Please always try to be punctual at the end of each nursery session.

 For parents who are accessing a whole day placement and your child’s day ends at 3.09pm we ask that you pick up between 2.59pm and 3.09pm. In this instance we require you to be very punctual in collecting your child as we will still have a group of children and therefore a staff ratio to adhere to. There will however always be someone to feedback to you at the end of the day.

 We operate a system that ensures that all children are collected from the nursery by an appointed adult. Parents will be issued with a card at the beginning of their time in nursery and only those adults presenting that card will be able to collect the child from nursery. This system works particularly well on the occasions when parents have to change plans for collection throughout the session and have been unable to inform the nursery itself of the change. Children must be accompanied to and from the nursery and brought to the nursery drop off area.

Can we ask that parents who arrive early to drop off children remain in complete charge of them until they enter nursery as you are responsible for their health and safety in this instance. May you also be mindful of younger siblings who may well come to the nursery with you and the importance of keeping them near you at all times as you are wholly responsible for their health and safety. Should you arrive later than 9am in the morning we close the nursery doors and you will be asked to enter nursery through the main doors of the school. Smoking within school grounds will not be permitted under any circumstances in any of the areas of the school grounds, no matter how far from the school building itself.

Parents are very welcome on the school grounds to pick up/drop off their children but are not permitted to bring along family pets as they will not be allowed within the school grounds.